BOOK LAUNCH / SIGNINGS (*at Sutherland Library)

Tuesday 19th February, 6.30pm

Sandie Docker - 'The Cottage at Rosella Cove

The second heart-warming and charming novel from Sandie Docker, set in the small Australian coastal town of Rosella Cove.

Why had the house stayed empty so long? Why had it never been sold?

Nicole has left her city life for the sleepy town of Rosella Cove, renting the old cottage by the water. She plans to keep to herself – but when she uncovers a hidden box of wartime love letters, she realises she’s not the first person living in this cottage to hide secrets and pain.

Ivy’s quiet life in Rosella Cove is tainted by the events of World War II, with ramifications felt for many years to come. But one night a drifter appears and changes everything. Perhaps his is the soul she’s meant to save.

Charlie is too afraid of his past to form any lasting ties in the cove. He knows he must make amends for his tragic deeds long ago, but he can’t do it alone. Maybe the new tenant in the cottage will help him fulfil a promise and find the redemption he isn’t sure he deserves.

Welcome to the cottage at Rosella Cove, where three damaged souls meet and have the chance to rewrite their futures.

Monday 25th February, 6.30pm

Belinda Alexandra - 'The Invitation'

In Gilded Age New York, money buys everything. What is your price? Sometimes the ties that bind are the most dangerous of all ...Paris, 1899.

Emma Lacasse has been estranged from her older sister for nearly twenty years, since Caroline married a wealthy American and left France. So when Emma receives a request from Caroline to meet her, she is intrigued. Caroline invites Emma to visit her in New York, on one condition: Emma must tutor her shy, young niece, Isadora, and help her prepare for her society debut.

Caroline lives a life of unimaginable excess and opulence as one of New York's Gilded Age millionaires and Emma is soon immersed in a world of luxury beyond her wildest dreams - a far cry from her bohemian lifestyle as a harpist and writer with her lover, Claude, in Montmartre.Emma hopes for an emotional reunion with her only family, but instead she finds herself in the vice-like grip of her charismatic and manipulative sister, who revels in the machinations of the ultra rich. As Emma begins to question her sister's true motives, a disaster strikes, and New York society is stripped bare - beneath the glittering exterior lies a seething nest of deceit, betrayal, moral corruption ... and perhaps even murder.

Friday 1st March, 1.30pm

Mark Brandi - 'The Rip'

'It's funny how quick it happens and without you really noticing. Anton said once that it's like walking out into the sea, and you think everything's fine and the water's warm, but when you turn back you're suddenly miles from shore. I've never been much of a swimmer, but I get what he means. Like, being caught in a current or something. A rip.' A young woman living on the street has to keep her wits about her. Or her friends. But when the drugs kick in that can be hard. Anton has been looking out for her. She was safe with him. But then Steve came along. He had something over Anton. Must have. But he had a flat they could crash in. And gear in his pocket. And she can't stop thinking about it. A good hit makes everything all right. But the flat smells weird. There's a lock on Steve's bedroom door. And the guy is intense. The problem is, sometimes you just don't know you are in too deep, until you are drowning.

Mark Brandi's bestselling novel, Wimmera, won the coveted British Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger, and was named Best Debut at the 2018 Australian Indie Book Awards. It was also shortlisted for the Australian Book Industry Awards Literary Fiction Book of the Year, and the Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year. His second novel, The Rip, is to be published by Hachette Australia in March 2019. It is already receiving critical acclaim. Mark's shorter work has appeared in The Guardian, The Age, The Big Issue, and in journals both here and overseas. His writing is also sometimes heard on ABC Radio National. Mark graduated with a criminal justice degree and worked extensively in the justice system, before changing direction and deciding to write. Originally from Italy, he grew up in rural Victoria. Mark now lives in Melbourne and is already working on his next work of fiction.

Monday 4th March, 6.30pm

D M Cameron - 'Beneath The Mother Tree'

The blistering new novel in James Patterson's no. 1 bestselling series set in Australia.

A spine-chilling mystery and contemporary love story, Beneath the Mother Tree plays out in a unique and wild Australian setting, interweaving Indigenous history and Irish mythology.

On a small island, something sinister is at play. Resident alcoholic Grappa believes it's the Far Dorocha, dark servant of the Faery queen, whose seductive music lures you into their abyss. His granddaughter Ayla has other ideas, especially once she meets the mysterious flute player she heard on the beach. Riley and his mother have moved to the island to escape their grief. But when the tight-knit community is beset by a series of strange deaths, the enigmatic newcomers quickly garner the ire of the locals. Can Ayla uncover the mystery at the heart of the island's darkness before it is too late?

Wrought with sensuousness and lyricism, D.M. Cameron?s debut novel Beneath the Mother Tree is a thrilling journey, rhythmically fierce and eagerly awaited.

'I loved Beneath the Mother Tree by DM Cameron [will] appeal to fans of Hannah Kent's The Good People who loved those Irish stories of changelings and superstitions to explain events in their lives but want unique Australian content as well.' Book Bonding Bookstore

Tuesday 21st May, 6.30pm

Candice Fox - 'Hush Hush (Harriet Blue 4)'

The blistering new novel in James Patterson's no. 1 bestselling series set in Australia.

Harriet Blue used to be a detective. Now she?s inmate 3329.Prison is a dangerous place for a former cop - as Harriet Blue is learning on a daily basis. So, following a fight for her life and a prison-wide lockdown, the last person she wants to see is Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Woods. The man who put her inside.But Woods is not there to gloat. His daughter Tonya and her two-year-old child have gone missing. He?s ready to offer Harriet a deal- find his family to buy her freedom...


BOOK LAUNCH / SIGNINGS (*at Cronulla Library)

Monday 11th March, 10.30am

The Wild West Women Writers Book Tour: Three Central West writers – Kelly Rimmer, Alissa Callen and Kim Kelly – take to the road and share their books and writing secrets.

Kelly Rimmer is an internationally bestselling author of gripping women’s fiction. Her latest title, The Things We Cannot Say, is a story of war, sacrifice, and uncovering truths of the past and present.

Alissa Callen’s new novel, The Round Yard, is a heartfelt tale of discovering where you really belong. Alissa is an internationally bestselling author of rural fiction, from the red dirt roads of home to far-off cowboy ranches.

Kim Kelly is an acclaimed author of Australian historical fiction. Her most recent novella, Sunshine, tells the story of returned soldiers finding new lives in the back of Bourke.