Thursday 22nd Nov, 7.00pm @ 1908 RESTAURANT, CRONULLA


To celebrate the release of The Bridge of Clay (his first novel since The Book Thief), we’ll be hosting an evening in conjunction with 1908 Restaurant in Cronulla. It will start around 7pm after which Markus will be discussing his new novel as well as a Q and A with our very own Lorin Reid. There will also be an opportunity for questions at the end as well as the signing of copies of his new novel.

Tickets will $51.50 p.p. which also include drinks and food.

Numbers are strictly limited so this first offering of tickets which go on sale on Thursday morning at 9.00am will only be open until Sunday night. We’ll send out a reminder email beforehand and if there are any unsold tickets after this, we’ll be throwing it open to the public on Monday morning until it sells out.

You can also pre-purchase ‘Bridge of Clay’ right now from our website (paperback / hardback editions). If you do pre-purchase now, you’ll also get a 10% discount off the r.r.p. of both editions so now might be a great time to start filling those Christmas stockings. This deal only lasts until tickets the event have sold out so be quick:

- Bridge of Clay (Paperback) $32.99 $29.69

- Bridge of Clay (Hardback) $39.99 $35.99


Mon 12 Nov, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'April In Paris, 1921' - Tessa Lunney (*click to buy)

Meet the glamorous, witty and charming Kiki Button: socialite, private detective and spy. We all have secrets - it's just that Kiki has more than most ... For fans of Phryne Fisher and Julian Fellowes

It's 1921, and after two years at home in Australia, Katherine King Button has had enough. Her rich parents have ordered her to get married, but after serving as a nurse during the horrors of the Great War, she has vowed never to take orders again. She flees her parents and the prison of their expectations for the place of friendship and freedom: Paris.

Paris in 1921 is the city of freedom, the place where she can remake herself as Kiki Button, gossip columnist extraordinaire, partying with the rich and famous, the bohemian and bold, the suspicious and strange.

But on the modelling dais, Picasso gives her a job: to find his wife's portrait, which has gone mysteriously missing. That same night, her old spymaster from the war contacts her - she has to find a double agent or face jail. Through parties, whisky and informants, Kiki has to use every ounce of her determination, her wit and her wiles to save herself, the man she adores, and the life she has come to love - in just one week.

Playful, charming, witty and very, very entertaining, Kiki Button - the fearless, beautiful and blonde-bobbed Australienne - is a heroine to win hearts.

Sat 17 Nov, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'The Pearl Thief' - Fiona McIntosh (*click to buy)

Severine Kassel is asked by the Louvre in 1963 to aid the British Museum with curating its antique jewellery, her specialty. Her London colleagues find her distant and mysterious; her cool beauty the topic of conversations around its quiet halls. No one could imagine that she is a desperately damaged woman, hiding her trauma behind her chic, French image.

It is only when some dramatic Byzantine pearls are loaned to the Museum that Severine's poise is dashed and the tightly controlled life she's built around herself is shattered. Her shocking revelation of their provenance sets off a frenzied hunt for Nazi Ruda Mayek.

Mossad's interest is triggered and one of its most skilled agents comes out of retirement to join the hunt, while the one person who can help her - the solicitor handling the Pearls - is bound by client confidentiality. As Severine follows Mayek's trail, there is still one lifelong secret for her to reveal - and one for her to discover.

From the snowy woodlands outside Prague to the Tuilieries of Paris and the heather-covered moors of Yorkshire comes a confronting and heart-stopping novel that explores whether love and hope can ever overpower atrocity in a time of war and hate.


Wed 28 Nov, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'The Scent of Fear' - Tony Park